Investments near the city, into the future

Investments near the city, Into the future

Industrial sectors have always been a hotbed for economic investments. Large-scale industrial activities in high-potential economic zones offer limitless development opportunities for both commercial and residential real estate development. As leading residential builders in Bangalore, Preeti Developers

The potential to attract major companies is multiplied when they are located very close to a metro city. Investment plots in Bangalore and its outskirts simply match this fit.

For smart investors, real estate has always been a great way to build wealth. Gaining good returns requires anticipating future development areas and making the right investments. The most crucial criterion that wise investors usually take into account when choosing an investment is the location. If you are thinking about buying investment plots and villas purposes shortly, consider these advantages of investing in emerging industrial clusters near major cities.


Investing near the cities can offer great connectivity to the major hotspots and infrastructural hubs of the main cities as well as ensure the availability of human resources which makes it ideal for corporate companies to expand their operations. KIA Motors Industrial Corridor near Palasamudram on NH44 located just 60 minutes from Bangalore International Airport and investment plots in Devanahalli are ideal examples of the same. To accommodate future growth, Bellary Road BLR-HYD NH44 highway is going to be extended from its current 6 lanes to 8 lanes. Due to its strategic location between the Bangalore-Chennai and Bangalore-Hyderabad highways, as well as the accessibility of industrial property, investment near Bangalore International Airport has significant development potential. This area being close to Bangalore airport and well-connected via the national highway between Bangalore and Hyderabad already has many KIA ancillary industries already established along with key PSUs such as Bharath Electronics Limited (BEL) and NACIN (National Academy of Customs, Indirect Taxes & Narcotics)


This isn't exactly a secret, but it's a massive advantage for anyone looking to buy or invest in real estate for the long term. Investment plots and villas in Bangalore and the vicinity are in the real sense ‘hot property. Real estate around industrial growth areas is starting to pop up - and in a big way! The real estate market in main cities is in high demand and the prices of the same are skyrocketing. As a consequence, investing in land in the cities can be on the expensive side and prove to be capital expenditure resulting in a lower return on investment. There are reasonable and affordable investment plots and villas around the city peripherals hence offering an excellent opportunity to invest. AHUDA-approved plots near KIA Motors and Rental Assured villas at reasonable prices provide an excellent opportunity for smart investors.


Economically, industrial sector development creates a largely positive development in the locations around high-growth industrial corridors. The lands near the city peripherals offer high appreciation value at affordable prices and act as a magnet for industrial clusters to develop. Properties here have a much better chance of increasing in value and at a faster rate than upcoming real estate in the city or other non-industrial areas. These industries result in great infrastructural development and high job opportunities attracting skilled resources from different parts of the country. Hence, demand for housing, retail and commercial activities increase multifold, increasing the value of land and providing better returns for future investors. Many new businesses intending to grow in India are drawn to these industrial clusters by the presence of numerous established manufacturing firms. Numerous factories and industries are being established here by both state and privately-owned businesses. To give an example, Palasamudram APIIC industrial park extends to over 1100 acres and is housing many flourishing KIA ancillaries like Hyundai Mobis Co. LTD, SL AP LTD, and is directly connected adjacently to BEL and NACIN. Veera Vanha Bus Body has also planted its roots here and many other textile and Biotech companies such as Indus Gene Expressions Pvt Ltd are already successfully executing their operations


The growing number of emerging economic zones offers enormous opportunities to the economy. While real estate prices in the city are skyrocketing, these nearby industrial sectors offer reasonably low rates for investment plots and villas, making the market affordable for anyone interested. The areas offer high appreciation value and hold great investment opportunities for the future. If you're interested in real estate investment in North Bangalore and actively investigating the market, you now understand where the best opportunities are on the map.

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